Assignment 4: Financial Planning


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As we have seen from previous lessons, your choices with money will greatly effect your life. 

In this assignment, you will work with income taxes, budgets, and balance sheets. 

Assignment 4: Financial Planning

Part 1: Tax Simulation

Explain the responsibility of filing income taxes. 

Use this link to answer the following questions about filing taxes:

Does Cicely King receive a refund and if so how much?

What is Tasha Miller's Tax responsibility? 

Part 2: Monthly Budget

Describe the importance of creating a budget for your personal finances.

In a chart, prepare a real or fictional Monthly Budget that includes your income and expenses. In your budget, note which expenses are fixed and which are variable. 

Income vs. Expenses

Part 3: Personal Balance Sheet

Explain the value of creating a Balance Sheet for your personal finances.

In a chart, prepare a real or fictional Personal Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet includes 3 categories: Assets, Liabilities, & Net Worth

Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities

Assignment 4 Requirements:

Prepare a slideshow presentation that includes Parts 1, 2, & 3 and submit to the course dropbox.

Each slide is to contain at least one image and one complete sentence.

Your Parts 2 & 3 need to contain charts that represent your Budget & Balance Sheet.

Include a title slide & a reference slide. The reference slide is to be prepared using Modern Language Association (MLA) format. 

This link to Citation Machine may help with your MLA formatting for the reference slide:

Use the video content below to begin your Assignment 4 research.

Tax Man Max - Schoolhouse Rock

Startling Stats About Taxes Found in IRS Data - WSJDigitalNetwork

How to Set up a Budget - BoA

How to Make a Shoebox Budget - larissawalkiw

Balance Sheet - familyfinanceexpert

Introduction to Balance Sheets - Khan Academy

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